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Driven by our commitment to vibrant health, we've harnessed the pain-reducing power of plants to develop a natural, effective topical treatment that relieves discomfort and restores vitality to sore muscles and joints. Our easy-to-apply, deep-penetration gel combines time-proven botanicals with full-spectrum hemp extract for superior, fast-acting results.

Medicinal Blends offers two therapeutic formulations:
Soothing Repair (Frankincense, Chamomile, Lavender) and
Cooling Defense (Wintergreen, Menthol, Clary Sage)

Natural Plant Based Relief

Free of chemicals and packed with potency, our pure ingredients work synergistically to stimulate circulation, reduce inflammation and eliminate toxins. Equally effective in easing ordinary, daily aches and pains, this simple, travel friendly, portable roll-on treatment is a back-pocket asset to hikers, bikers, runners and sports enthusiasts who need relief on the fly.

Roll It On

People are truly appreciating the benefits of Medicinal Blends, enjoying the soothing effects of pure, natural topical botanicals without risking the side effects of oral medications. Our Medicinal Blends is a safe, fast absorbing pain relief gel that can be applied before, during or after any activity or strenuous workout.

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