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Code Of Harmony

Code Of Harmony brings you CBD skincare to calm, clarify and bring harmony to the skin.

"At Code of Harmony, our AUTHENTICITY is apparent in our products, and in our Founder’s creative attitude towards life and being in the business of beauty. We love skincare and we hope that our joy and creativity shine through. For us, that is what true beauty is all about."


Our CBD and all of our other plant extracts are sustainably and organically farmed. We use glass as our primary packaging and keep shipping materials as eco-friendly/basic as possible.


We always show ALL current ingredients in our formulas on our website. Our small-batch production is integral to who we are. Our formulas are original to us and only us. We do not use private label formulas.


In life and in business, integrity is paramount to who we are. It’s pretty simple. We make great products that we are proud of. And we are pretty nice too. Most of the time.


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