Brilliance Facial Serum


SKU: Brilliance-Facial-Serum

This is a cell renewal serum for daily use. Brilliance offers a rich source of vitamins C, antioxidants, GLA, and phytosterols. This fast-absorbing formulation combats the signs of aging, even skin tone, improve elasticity, and rejuvenate tired/dry skin.

Ingredients: Organic cold-pressed Jojoba, Rosehip seed, Argan, Cucumber seed oil, Pomegranate seed oil, Black currant seed, Passionfruit seed; Organic Vitamin E oil (non-GMO, sunflower derived), Rosemary antioxidant CO2 extract (natural preservative); Botanical extracts: organic calendula, organic rose; Essential oils: frankincense, carrot seed, lavender, vetiver, damask rose

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