Rose Quartz Eye Mask


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This mask wakes up your whole face by reducing puffiness and strained muscles around the eyes. Combat Zoom fatigue + help eye cream absorb better. Rose Quartz radiates universal love promoting feelings of peace + harmony.

Store in the fridge to maximize results + use before bedtime for a deeper night’s sleep.

The Rose Quartz Eye Mask can be used daily for at-home pampering + recovery from too much screen time.
– Before or after using, make sure to wash your Rose Quartz Eye Mask with soapy water + lay down flat to air dry.
– Feel free to apply eye cream, serum, face oil, or a facial sheet mask before using. The mask helps to absorb the product.
– Lie down in a comfortable position + place a Rose Quartz eye mask on your eyes.
– Leave Rose Quartz Mask on the face for up to 20 minutes. Breathe. Relax. Unwind. And manifest the crystals’ energetic properties of love.

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