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Code of Harmony Glo-Berry Glistening Skin Oil

$63.00 USD

Ready for some unsolicited compliments on your glow? Your skin’s health and wellness will shine with our Glo-Berry Glistening Skin Oil. This CBD Oil Face Serum is a fruity plant-based Antioxidant Oil Serum that will restore that juicy, plump look to your sweet cheeks and give a little extra glow with a sprinkling of mineral mica! Passion Fruit Seed Oil provides skin with a natural supply of carotenoids, minerals, fatty acids, and Vitamins A and C to protect, plump, and rejuvenate (and it smells amazing.) Watermelon Seed and Red Raspberry oils are two more super fruits with abundant beneficial antioxidants and skin softening ability. And, of course, we have enhanced this serum with our pure Hemp CBD rockstar to calm, soothe and de-stress skin. 150mg CBD in 30ml / Mini 15ml has 75mg – FOR ALL SKIN TYPES

We Recommend: Start with 2-3 drops and increase as needed. This oil serum is a daytime essential to keep your skin looking youthful and supple. Appropriate for all skin types, even oily and breakout prone. Pair Glo-Berry Serum with Pomplio Brightening Serum for a super powered Glow-enhancing duo or Virgin Skin to help calm and soothe. This combo will leave you feeling good and glistening with inner and outer radiance!

Stand in the light and GLOW!


  • Encourage healthy skin – Botanical oils and fatty acids – lipids (natural skin oils) are the building blocks of healthy skin and help to maintain a strong skin barrier.
  • Moisturize / Soften  – Skin softness will improve, skin moisturized, and velvety to the touch.
  • Glow – This formula penetrates easily, and the mica gives a subtle glistening effect to the skin.  Another benefit of mineral mica is that it diffuses the look of fine lines–yay!
  • High in Vitamins – These plant oils are naturally high in Vitamin E, A, and C!
  • Antioxidant Blend – Protect skin from unhealthy environments, and preserve skin vitality with Passion Fruit Seed Oil, Daikon Seed, Hemp Seed Oil, CBD (Cannabidiol), Watermelon Seed, Red Raspberry and Squalane Oils. We have added a botanical Tumeric/Curcumin Extract for skin brightening effects and Vitamin E for additional antioxidant activity.
  • Non-pore-clogging – Lightweight, silky texture is great for normal, oily or breakout prone skin types.