Babies Magic Dust – Medicinal Blends
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Babies Magic Dust

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Marshmallow root lends its soothing powers so babe’s bum can blossom. A light scent from orange essential oil gives the Babies Magic Dust an uplifting vibration.

These new shakers are built to be used over and over again! Easy to open, refill, and clean. Our paper shakers can only be used once without the potential for refills, creating waste and adding to our overall carbon footprint. Alongside our aluminum shakers, we offer two fl oz and four fl oz refill packages which are home compostable and much lighter weight.

Dust that baby bum with plants that help absorb moisture and comfort that ‘brand new to the world’ skin. Talc and corn-free, this powder is made without starchy sugar that can feed the yeast thriving in a diaper environment.