The Pain-Relieving Power of Plants

Experience the clean, pain-relieving power of plants

Our philosophy is centered on achieving optimum health, keeping active and encouraging all that our bodies are capable of. We respect the earth and the nourishment it provides and have combined centuries-old botanical wisdom with modern botanical technology to bring you two innovative botanical pain relief formulations.

Each blend begins with the finest, purest ingredients. Our botanicals and essential oils are sourced from conscious suppliers around the world and are ethically and efficiently processed for purity and potency. At Medicinal Blends we are committed to making the most of the healing and restorative powers that each unique plant has to offer. We use the highest quality ingredients and deliver our blends to you in a simple roll-on tube for clean application.

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Natural Ingredients

Organic Aloe Vera Gel
Black Seed Oil
Organic Castor Oil
Organic Avocado
MCT (naturally extracted from coconut oil)
Organic Menthol Crystals
Capsicum Oleoresin

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Essential Oils

Sweet Basil
Black Pepper
Sweet Birch
Clary Sage
Ginger Root
Cinnamon Bark
Helichrysum Flower
Raven Sara
Turmeric Root
Pink Grapefruit
Arnica Flower