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Return To Earth

Return To Earth

Grounding is a long-known concept becoming more widely used in wellness and healing. Science and spirituality are both areas of study that support this idea - one of spending time in nature. So what exactly is grounding, and how does it work? How do we practice it, and what are the benefits of living with both feet rooted in Earth's energy? Do we truly benefit from spending time with Earth and Mother Gaia? The answer is yes, absolutely.

Simply put, grounding is the withdrawal of energy that comes directly from Earth itself and transfers into our bodies. Through grounding practices, we literally absorb Earth's energy and electrons and bring them into our physical vessel. When one grounds themself, they literally transmute back into a more logical and calm state of mind, less rattled with fear and harmful thoughts. As humans, we all experience the ebb and flow of universal themes, energies, and the explosive force of emotions that pull us out of the present moment and into a stressful headspace. Sometimes we ground ourselves without even realizing we are exchanging energy with the Earth. Grounding serves numerous health benefits for one's mind, body, and soul. So let's return to Earth. Returning to Earth not only can heal us, but it can create miracles in our lives. In the least, we can learn how to ground at any time to return to a more comfortable place within ourselves.

Many methods of practice can help us connect to Earth's energy. Some of the most common forms of grounding include yoga, walking barefoot in the grass, gardening, meditation, focusing on breathing, and spending time in nature. Earth, one of the Chinese and five Ayurvedic elements, is about stability, survival, and harmony. In yoga, we root down to rise up. The current seasons teach us the innate wisdom of the Earth, such as patience and the effortless mindset needed to grow as cycles change and life itself takes its natural course of existence. Even astrology is directly associated with the elements, Earth representing a sense of dependability, loyalty, and practicality. There is something quite solid about Earth, this planet, and the miracles it selflessly gives us to sustain human life and its thriving ecosystems. When we tap into its energy, we receive fantastic health benefits, including inner peace, fresh oxygen, vitamin D, and incredible immune blessings from physically contacting the world's soils, sands, and waters. The number of grounding exercises and their benefits is abundant. As we move into a time where new age spiritualism is at its peak, even more, grounding exercises are being explored and shared.

The idea of grounding can be surface level, but it can also take us to fascinating depths of wisdom. Suppose one is willing to explore the range of philosophies offered on Earth. In that case, they can learn to return to wholeness within by going beyond limiting beliefs and transcending the trauma scars carried from our unique life experiences. As we are born into the world, we are given an essential birthright from Earth. This fundamental right is inalienable, and it downright belongs to each and every one of us. The request is that we have a right to be here, and our sense of belonging is valid. We are all significant. Earth teaches us to never forget this; when the heat is too hot, or the weight is too heavy, we are allowed to fall. Earth is here to catch us. It is here to stabilize us. No matter the fires that burn through one's life, the Earth will clean up the ashes and continue to provide fertile soil. Life has relied on Earth for millions of years. For this, Earth is phenomenal. It continues to freely give to us so we can survive as a species. For that, we can be grateful!

The more grounded one is, the stronger one becomes on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level. When one truly learns how to operate from a place rooted in Earth's energy, they also learn to create miracles by understanding the direct connection to manifestation. Manifestation is the ability to turn thought into something tangible by emitting continuous, strong energy frequencies out into the Universe and drawing results into the world. The more grounded one is, the more quickly one can manifest the life of their dreams. Lastly, Earth is the place we get to be a child again. A place where we get to play. We gaze in awe at its wonders, visit incredible natural phenomena, climb trees, and cool off in oceans and lakes. We get to forage for food, collect bundles of sage, pick wild berries and edible flowers, and simply be. I encourage you to return to Earth. There is always something it will freely let you take from it, be it the fresh air, a moment of silence, a simple observation, or a small indulgence. Earth teaches us many lessons, mainly about surrender and trust. Earth is never forcing, constantly flowing and growing. It is ever-changing and innately knowing. Let us ground ourselves. Let us return to Earth!