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The History of Herbalism

The History of Herbalism

“Nature is guiding us more than we can imagine” -Kat Maier

If you’ve arrived here, you may be seeking a way to connect with or dive deeper into the magical world of Nature. Journey with Medicinal Blends and you will get a peek into the remarkable ways plants can ground and heal us, our innate connection to them, rituals that honor them and practical ways to incorporate them into your life. 

Overall wellness is interwoven in our connectedness to nature and ourselves. Incorporating plant medicine in your life not only bears remedies for ailments, it can also partner to create intimate rituals that bring comfort, warmth and tranquility to your life. As you deepen your understanding and connection to the terrain of your body, you will also nourish the relationship you have with Nature as our ancestors have done before us.

Herbalism, the art and science of healing with plants, is one of the oldest systems of medicine to ever exist. Its deep and sacred roots go back to the earliest civilizations. Before the existence of modern pharmaceutical drugs, botanical medicine was relied upon for healing in all cultures throughout history, but there has been a disconnect between many societies and Nature. We are again beginning to learn that we are not separate from the harmonies of Nature, we too are a part of the divine dance of the natural world. 

In many Indigenous creation stories from all over the world, people are intertwined and interdependent with Nature; the natural world is an equal. Plants are nurtured, celebrated in song and dance, and received with gratitude. In these teachings, the natural world is not recognized as resources to be exploited, they rather are seen as beings instead of objects. When we shift our perspective to being a part of Nature, we learn to show tenderness, gratitude and respect. We are not separate from Nature, we are one in the same. As Kat Maier wrote, “To know our nature and grasp how deeply we share truths and traits of the planet we call home is profound.”

Energetic herbalism is rooted in the truth that the vital force of nature and the vital force of an individual human are one in the same. The aim of this practice is to create balance and harmony for our bodies from natural elements so our vitality can flow with few impediments. When our bodies are in this realm of balance, it is able to communicate and be more self-regulating and self-correcting. When disharmonies arise in our body that disrupt the balance, we experience symptoms that can often be treated by specified herbs used in traditional herbal medicine such as Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. Extensive use in traditional systems of medicine for millennia and modern research continue to confirm the effectiveness and safety of herbal medicine.

David Winston, RH (AHG) wrote, “It is important to understand that most (if not all) traditional herbal medicine differs in theory and practice from Western medicine. First, in traditional medicine, there is no assumption of a split body, mind, and spirit, as there often is in Western medicine. In traditional herbal medical systems, medicines (primarily herbal) are often seen as correcting the patient’s unique internal or external disharmonies to prevent disease rather than simply targeting the presenting symptoms of disease as is done in Western medicine.” This beautiful 

Once you’re enlightened to the truths and laws of nature, you begin to understand why populations all over the globe have honored sacred plants for millenia. We are endlessly fortunate to have traditional medicine models to guide us in our healing journeys. “These systems are treasures that deserve deep appreciation.” - Kat Maier