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Nettle Leaf Plant Extract

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2 ounces 

Stinging Nettle and Nourishment

Yes, stinging nettle – that plants you try to avoid on a hike! These bothersome “weeds” are one of the most potent medicinal plants one can include in their herbal apothecary. Nettles are all about deep, green sustenance paired with a cleansing release. They strengthen your bones, hair, and teeth. Nettles enhance immunity and adrenal function. They are cleansing and nourishing for the kidneys, decreasing water retention and joint swelling through diuretic action.

H E R B A L  A C T I O N S
Anti-Inflammatory, Nutritive, Alterative, Rubefacient, Diuretic

Nettle is also extremely rich in minerals — notably calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron. It applies to many complaints, including allergies, adrenal fatigue, spasmodic cramping, anemia, and general lethargy. Its nutrient density also supports nervous system regulation and cognitive functioning, increasing strength and immunity.

Our nettle leaf extract is macerated using fresh organic leaves and Brandy. Nettle leaf tincture has a very green and leafy botanical taste. It can be taken directly on the tongue or in juice or water, or add a drop to a cup of tea for an extra nettle boost.

Ingredients: Organic Nettle Leaf and Brandy

Suggested Dosage: 30-40 drops in water 1-3 times daily or as needed.